3 Reasons For YOU To Take a Photography Workshop


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Once we get into that daily grind it can be really hard to learn something new, that’s just for fun.  Sure, there’s plenty of training and education that might be required to expand your job prospects, that you HAVE to do… but how often do you take the time to learn something new, just for you?

A good photography workshop is about YOU

That’s what a workshop can offer.  Regardless the subject matter, there’s nothing like an intensive few days, away from the demands of your everyday life, to fully immerse yourself in learning how to do something you’ve always wanted to try or get better at doing.

Time dedicated to learning, inspiration, creativity and, really, simply filling your cup with time spent focused on YOU.  That’s the foundation of a great photography workshop.

3 reasons why a photography workshop is a great idea…

The learning curve.   A photography workshop allows you to trim that learning curve!  An intensive two or three days will provide you with far more progression in your knowledge and skills than surfing the internet or reading books.  Not that these other resources aren’t valuable.  They are.  Very.

But, the sad fact is, left to our own devices, we just won’t make it a priority.  Taking the time it would need to build your skills this way just often doesn’t make it on the to-do list along with all of the other demands of daily life.  The skills and knowledge that come from a photography workshop provide the inspiration and motivation to continue building, with far more confidence.

One-on-one, professional, instruction.  At every workshop I’ve attended, I’ve wanted to fold up my instructor and tuck her into my pocket to take her home with me for constant guidance.  I can’t say enough about what it means to be instructed by an industry professional.

Someone who has travelled the road I aspire to travel, creates work I emulate and offers their own unique perspective to the medium I love.  They bring their years of experience, their successes – and failures! – to the workshop where they can share their insights, the knowledge and their skills directly, first hand, with workshop attendees.  They are there for YOU and can answer questions, provide advice and pass on their hard-earned knowledge to help you grow as a photographer.

It’s an inspiring holiday!  Let’s face it, giving yourself this time dedicated specifically to something for you is a break.   As moms ourselves, we know profoundly the importance of taking time for ourselves and we know how very hard it is to actually do.

Taking the time for a workshop is a gift you give yourself, and, ultimately, your loved ones.  You come back happy and inspired and for the duration of your workshop, whether it be a day, a weekend or, a deliriously precious week, you get to focus entirely on what YOU need… whatever is happening at home is someone else’s problem!


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