ShutterBirds is comprised of two ol’ birds with a big passion for photography!

We believe in offering workshops that are fun and interactive providing you with new skills that will translate into developing your photography and expanding your creativity!

Why take a photography workshop?

There are any number of things we’d all love to learn how to do… and we often think, “When I have the time…”  And, there it ends.

There are a million demands in our day that don’t allow for us to sit down and try to learn something new, whether it be rock climbing, knitting… or photography.  A workshop is a commitment to that learning, where there is a dedicated time and space allotted for you to fully engage, with like-minded folk and proper, expert, one-on-one instruction, apart from your everyday demands.

The learning is focused, faster and so much fun!

Marlene and Tracy have always enjoyed attending workshops and they love, love, LOVE offering them.

Take a look at what we do:

Classic, beautiful and always with an experimental edge, Marlene’s photography is playful, full of colour and detail – mesmerizing!  Marlene Chabot

Classic, beautiful and with a more vintage, creamy flavour, Tracy’s photography is all about the pretty!  Tracy Connery