5 Tips to Improve Your Travel Photography!

You’ve planned your vacation, and you’re so excited about all of the wonderful things on your itinerary and, of course all of the fabulous pic – ERK!  Oh no!! I SO want to capture this trip in the best way possible… but how?!

Marlene Chabot Travel Photography-04
Photo courtesy Marlene Chabot

To avoid this bout of self-flagellation over your lack of creativity/artistry/camera skills/camera gear, let’s consider where to start to ensure, regardless of creativity/artistry/camera skills/camera gear, that you are coming home with photographs that represent in the best way possible all of the unique, beautiful and fantastic things you will be seeing.

While having fun and increasing your confidence as well!

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3 Reasons For YOU To Take a Photography Workshop


ShutterBirds Photo Tour Workshop Kootenay-Yoho National Parks

Once we get into that daily grind it can be really hard to learn something new, that’s just for fun.  Sure, there’s plenty of training and education that might be required to expand your job prospects, that you HAVE to do… but how often do you take the time to learn something new, just for you?

A good photography workshop is about YOU

That’s what a workshop can offer.  Regardless the subject matter, there’s nothing like an intensive few days, away from the demands of your everyday life, to fully immerse yourself in learning how to do something you’ve always wanted to try or get better at doing.

Time dedicated to learning, inspiration, creativity and, really, simply filling your cup with time spent focused on YOU.  That’s the foundation of a great photography workshop.

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Photowalk: A Stroll in Creativity!

Want to enjoy several hours meandering either your home town or another locale and seeing it through fresh eyes?

Sign up for a Photowalk.

What is a Photowalk?

According to the Wikipedia definition, “Photowalking is the act of walking with a camera for the main purpose of taking pictures of things that the photographer may find interesting.”

While you can certainly go about photowalking on your own – and are heartily inspirited to do so whenever possible! – in recent years it’s become an annual event in towns and cities across the globe to encourage photographers, amateur and professional alike, armed with the picture taking device of their choice, outside on to the streets to capture the spirit and life of their communities.

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