Life is Better At the Beach!

With all the rainy coldness we’ve had since our early April summer, I couldn’t help but need to revisit a little snippet of summer from a late this spring.

We are so fortunate to have access to a beach house in Delaware and take advantage of it as much as is possible living clear across the continent!

But… as we hunker down through wedding, portrait and real estate season, this is just a little indulgence in dreaming of the big getaway and all the places that could possibly entail!

I’ve certainly got some favourites: the laid back Delaware beach house, the culture of the Yucatan (soon – two months and counting!) and, well, a particular fave for both Marlene and I, the intense, fragrant, bold, spirit and colour of fabulous Cuba – a hybrid workshop-photo tour currently in the works for 2017!

Stay tuned, friends!

Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh…. #beach #beachlife #dewey #eastcoast #movingtothebeach

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5 Tips to Improve Your Travel Photography!

You’ve planned your vacation, and you’re so excited about all of the wonderful things on your itinerary and, of course all of the fabulous pic – ERK!  Oh no!! I SO want to capture this trip in the best way possible… but how?!

Marlene Chabot Travel Photography-04
Photo courtesy Marlene Chabot

To avoid this bout of self-flagellation over your lack of creativity/artistry/camera skills/camera gear, let’s consider where to start to ensure, regardless of creativity/artistry/camera skills/camera gear, that you are coming home with photographs that represent in the best way possible all of the unique, beautiful and fantastic things you will be seeing.

While having fun and increasing your confidence as well!

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