Mastering Manual at St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino

Mastering Manual Workshop St. Eugene Golf Resort & Casino

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We are SO excited about this upcoming fall workshop… for several reasons:

  1. It’s at the beautiful St. Eugene Mission Golf Resort & Casino near Cranbrook, BC.
  2. This is going to be a weekend of intensive and comprehensive photography education with a ton of hands on shooting and learning time, valuable critiques, opportunities for one-on-one instruction, creativity & exploration, and, of course, fun!
  3. It’s at the beautiful St. Eugene Mission Golf Resort & Casino near Cranbrook, BC!!!

The workshop will take place November 11-13, 2016 at the outstanding St. Eugene Mission Golf Resort & Casino near Cranbrook, BC and will cover all of the important essentials to making better photographs while in MANUAL MODE!

This course is all about learning to use your camera so that you control each image you create.  Enough of handing off the heavy lifting to AUTO!  You will learn everything from the basics of composition to how taking control of your settings to make better pictures than ever before.

Not only will you learn the ins & outs of your camera settings but you’ll have plenty of time for hands on learning with the advantage of one-on-one opportunities to help you integrate the fundamentals, removing the intimidation factor that MANUAL MODE can impose.

The course will include:

  • Basics of composition.  Before we even start talking about your settings, you will learn how to easily improve your photographs.
  • Learning the Exposure Triangle.  The settings and how they impact and enhance a photograph.
  • Techniques that can best/only be achieved using MANUAL MODE.
  • Night time photography: light painting, starry nights, and more!
  • Tea, coffee and snacks.

Here is quick take on your weekend of photography will look like:

Friday, 7 – 9pm:  Introductions.  We will also cover the fundamentals of photography composition that will get you making better pictures almost immediately!

Saturday, 9am – 4pm:  Get ready for moving away from AUTO and into MANUAL MODE!! We will cover everything through a hands-on approach.  Lots of instruction, lots of shooting and valuable critique.

Saturday, 6 – 8pm:  Nighttime photography.  This is so fun and hugely popular!!  We get out and learn how to utilize your settings to capture a variety of nighttime scenes, from stars (hopefully!!) to light painting.

Sunday, 9 – noon:  Consolidation of information!  We review the components covered and put everything together.  More shooting, instruction and critique to send you off!

The cost of this workshop is $349.  If you register before October 8th pay only $295.  REGISTRATION DEADLINE: OCTOBER 26, 2016!!

This course is expected to fill up fast and space is limited.

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